Saturday, 11 February 2017

Jan & Dean Resource Welcome Post

Welcome to the new home of, the Dean Torrence Officially Endorsed website. Due to monetary constraints, that website will be closing in August 2017, however all the content will be released on this blog in the future!

If you bookmark this blog, you will never miss a thing with regards to the true American Treasures.

I am a long-time Jan & Dean fan, and have been collecting their music since I seen the film "Dead Man's Curve" back in the early 1980's. I believe I have one of the largest surf music collections, and that includes a huge Jan & Dean collection. My love of Jan & Dean led me to listen to other bands of a similar ilk, most notably The Beach Boys, The Hondells, The Rip Chords and The Surfaris. Writers and Producers such as Jan Berry, Brian Wilson and Gary Usher amaze me because in such a short time-frame they recorded some of the best music ever, and some of the best music that most people have never even heard before!

Hopefully this blog will share with you all my writings that I have collected, interviews I've done with Dean and related people, a load of photographs and the odd article that I will write as I go along.

I would love others to contribute, as keeping these things going takes a lot of time, and without input, it can be a lonely and thankless task.

Stay tuned, and get ready to enjoy the World of the Jan & Dean Resource blog!

Mark 11-02-1017

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